Software Engineer - C# Web Developer

for Software Technology Group in Beaverton, OR

C# and Web Programming, with Database expertise 
Beaverton, OR
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2 year+ 
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The work is dynamic and exciting. We create project oriented software projects, in which we bring on a team and take real responsibility for the work.

Candidate must have:

* Project Lead skills
* 3+ years C#
* 5+ years in Software Development
* SQL Server

Preferred Advanced programming skills, with experience working on complex designs

BS or equivalent experience.

About the Opportunity
Working as a Sr. Developer in the industry and we will give you the chance to spread your creative wings. The organizational culture inspires creativity in every employee. You'll be surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do.

Help Software Technology Group, Inc. be a leader in the industry by acting as the senior software engineer who develops products; validates design concepts; confirms functionality; supports products; supports customers; updates job knowledge; and enhances our organization's reputation.

The attractive compensation and option package available for this exciting opportunity includes dental insurance, medical insurance, prescription drug coverage, paid sick time, casual dress, paid company holidays, snacks and beverages, and paid vacations.

*No third party candidates considered for this position.


We do the cool stuff.  We take on projects for clients and assure success.  We are not a contracting company, ... we are a consulting company.  We take on projects for diverse clients and assure success.  Cool projects starting up include:

  • Robotics for a commerical ground vehicle
  • Medical device for metabolics and health monitoring
  • Nanotechnology

Please give us a try.

Jay Abramovitz
Software Technology Group
4240 SW 109th Ave
Beaverton, OR 97005