Junior Technical Support Engineer

for Liferay, Inc in Diamond Bar, CA

Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Liferay, JVM Tuning 
Diamond Bar, CA
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The client is banging their head against the wall. Their developers don't know what's wrong with the code or app servers  or databases or whatever, so they reach out to Liferay. The first level of Liferay support tries to resolve the issue but it's difficult so they escalate the problem to you. You like to solve problems. We're not talking about simple problems, either. We're talking about complex, full-grown, force you to think and learn, put hair on your chest kind of problems. You get jazzed by the challenge and grab it by the horns and after wrestling with it from different angles you realize it's an issue with the code. Good thing you know Java. You spend some time and write a great patch for the code and it goes back to the customer. They're elated! They may not buy you a llama but they love Liferay again and that's all you care about.


Sound like fun? If so, you might have a blast as a Junior Technical Support Engineer. Shoot me (Peter) your resume at and we can talk.


Some of the other details are below.


Major Objectives:


Handle technical escalations 

  • Resolve complex escalations quickly and smoothly to ensure client satisfaction
  • Perform database/thread/heap dump analysis

 Fix product defects to ensure successful deployment of client projects

  • Create innovative solutions for product defects
  • Provide suggestions to engineering for product enhancements

Contribute to challenging side projects as they arise

  • Deliver code samples to train customers how to develop on the Liferay platform
  • Create improvements to enhance the product's self-support system


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Abnormal love for learning
  • Enjoyment of solving problems
  • Intermediate knowledge of Java, JSP, and SQL
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript and Alloy UI (AUI)
  • Basic knowledge of Liferay Portal core code
  • Basic understanding of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and best practices for tuning JVM
  • Intermediate knowledge of all Liferay deployment environments (Websphere, Weblogic, JBOSS AS, Tomcat, etc.)
  • Solid knowledge of Windows and Linux OS, Servlets, Spring and Hibernate
  • Demonstrates expert problem-solving skills coupled with very strong motivation to identify and resolve customer issues
  • Flexible, proven ability to work well under pressure


Liferay is the provider of leading enterprise open source portal and collaboration software products. With offices in North and South America,

Europe, Asia, and Australia, Liferay offers professional services, technical support, custom development and professional training for many Fortune

500 companies worldwide.


Peter Bugbee
Liferay, Inc