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TekMasters is seeking several Mission Support Administrators to work for one of our federal clients. If you are wanting to showcase your great administrative skills with a dynamic team, then you must apply! You must have a full scope / lifestyle polygraph clearance in order to qualify for this position.



This position performs a variety of administrative duties, providing mission support. The position provides general and specific administrative services and directly supports one or more functions or business areas, including: facilities management, finance, human resources, imaging and publishing, information management, logistics, procurement, medical, security, and general administrative support.  The positions are primarily established in the nothern virginia area.


Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Office Administration


  • Maintains a schedule of appointments for a manager or office.
  • Monitors e-mail and telephones of manager(s) or office members.
  • Drafts, proofreads, edits and gives final review of all correspondences.
  • Tracks status of incoming and outgoing cable traffic.
  • Produces other documents such as instructions, spreadsheets,                                                      presentations, and reports.
  • Passes and receives clearances and prepares access lists.


2. Information Management


  • Maintains tracking records and filing systems; archives files as necessary.
  • Performs as a recorder and/or administrator for time and attendance (T&A)                          accountings for the area of assignment.
  • Maintains and updates databases or spreadsheets.
  • Produces content and materials for briefing packages and presents                                    information through briefings to various audiences.
  • Prepares, tracks, monitors, and analyzes statistics.
  • Prepares and disseminates information to appropriate individuals/offices.
  • Processes administrative and personnel paperwork.
  • Compiles, collates, analyzes, and summarizes abstracting data.
  • Performs research; retrieves information or documents from databases and the Internet.
  • Manages responsibilities for pouching of classified material to the field.
  • Performs Webmaster services to oversee website changes.
  • Administers and troubleshoots databases, sets up new user accounts and                          accesses; runs reports; performs database clean up tasks.
  • Performs as Action Officer for oversight, monitoring, and reporting on status of task completion related to the execution of a program, process, or transaction.
  • Evaluates, proposes, and implements innovative and/or new                                            administrative processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of support administration.



  • Plans, schedules, organizes, and executes meetings, conferences, and off-sites.
  • Participates in meetings and events: serving as recorder or working member                                                                 of group, and may brief or present administrative support related            information.
  • Makes travel arrangements for unit managers and others.
  • Escorts visitors and guests.
  • Opens, sorts and distributes incoming mail, newspapers, faxes, and other                         publications/documents.
  • Performs back up duties for other offices within the directorate/office.
  • Produces and/or prepares weekly status reports on the progress of action items and initiatives for the function or business areas.


  1. Logistics


  • Assists with ordering of supplies and arranges for the repair of office equipment.
  • Maintains inventory; issues equipment, records, receipts, or supplies.
  • Orders and assigns various key materials in support of customer                                         requirements.
  • Researches pouch shipments and initiates pouch traces.
  • Assists with the oversight and accounting for inventory.
  • Plans and supports the transportation of material and people.
  • Plans and supports office renovations and move management                                            activities.
  • Assists with work that pertains to the procurement, inventory control, and destruction of registered cryptographic material utilized by the Agency.
  • Coordinates Agency wide cryptographic key requirements within the Agency.


  1. Finance


  • Maintains and reconciles accounting records, resolves issues.
  • Processes travel, training, and POV vouchers.
  • Assists with the approval process for government credit card purchasing.
  • Handles disbursing transactions including airline tickets, metro checks, and general travel information.
  • Tracks overall budget for component or program.
  • Performs as designated cash custodian.


  1. Contracts Management


  • Assists with the administration, management, and process for the hiring and maintenance of independent contractor resources.
  • Based on government direction, prepares contractual instruments and related approval documents necessary to execute contracting actions.
  • Monitors the status, administration and negotiation of contracts.
  • May assist with the performance of Level 1 Contracting Officer Technical Representative duties.


  1. Program Management


  • Performs as a focal point for a program or process.
  • Assists with a program or process.
  • Ensures compliance with Agency/IC regulations and procedures.
  • Coordinates, tracks, and monitors administrative and program support activity.



Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • Ability to obtain extensive knowledge of protocol and precedence, and Agency/IC structure, regulations, and policies
  • Extensive knowledge of current practices associated with filing and tracking systems, allowing efficient and rapid storage and retrieval of information
  • Ability to obtain extensive knowledge of travel and Agency-unique  activities to perform as Station POC for individuals on TDY
  • Ability to obtain extensive knowledge of operational procedures and cover protocols to meet operations flights
  • Extensive knowledge in the use of MS Office, the Internet, and other internal applications necessary to train others
  • Working knowledge of Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative concepts and principles
  • Analytical skills sufficient to assess and interpret highly complex information from multiple sources and draw insightful conclusions
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills sufficient to compose and deliver responses to customers’ complex questions in a clear and concise manner
  • Excellent skills in planning and organizing to systematically coordinate, track, and complete work flow in accordance with the unique guidelines and procedures of multiple agencies/organizational entities
  • Strong representational skills to attend meetings, events, and forums on behalf of upper management
  • Strong interpersonal skills to gather task information and or project specifications from customers
  • Ability to anticipate customer requirements, and suggest, implement, and follow up on solutions
  • Ability to establish, maintain, and leverage  contacts and professional relationships for frequent networking and liaison across the Agency/IC
  • Ability to communicate procedures and processes to management, co-workers, customers, and stakeholders and provide guidance on pertinent changes to business functions and operations
  • Ability to adapt to changing work requirements and priorities that may require overtime or extended hours
  • Ability to be discreet and maintain confidentiality



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