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Senior Network Consultant / Network Engineer, I.T Consulting: Network Administration, Network Security, Windows Server 2003-2012, Exchange 2003-2010, AD, DNS, Managed Services, VMWare, Wireless 
Chicago, IL
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Are you much more than a *technician*? You have strong technical skills, but more than that to offer? Do you have strong ideas; want to be an advisor, an advocate, and a partner to your clients; rather than simply being *the computer person*. You want to be part of the success of growing companies through technology strategy, execution, implementation, and management (through managed services). If so, you are an Agility candidate!

Senior Network Consultant:
An Agility Network Consultant" href="">Senior Network Consultant is an expert and generally has thousands of hours of experience managing the wide variety of technologies that makes I.T. valuable. This expertise extends as far into the technical realm as it does into the business-advisory. Each Senior Network Consultant is the primary advocate, contact, and advisor to their clients, backed by both their immediate peers and by the entire organization to help understand, implement, and empower those clients to reach their business goals through the selection and use of technology. One of the central roles in this endeavor, each time, is to ensure that all of the client's needs are met with the best-fit solutions, in time, effectiveness, and cost, and that the client is empowered and involved in their solutions to the degree that best meets their needs.

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Purpose of Job:
To provide our small and medium business clients with expert consulting, management, implementation and innovation for their Information Technology needs; from strategy to execution and all points in between.

Job Responsibilities:
Chicago based consulting, managed services, application development, and SEO/SEM company seeking additional Senior Level Computer Network Consultants for the consulting/managed services department of Agility to directly manage and maintain several assigned clients' I.T. needs and day-to-day relationships. Our professionals understand the tight dependency between technology and business operations, combining a deep technical understanding of industry standard network infrastructure(s), technical solution trends now and on the horizon, importance and challenges of long term client relationships, and trusting in peers and colleagues as resources for executing job duties.

Agility consultants are able to communicate and operate at both high and low technical levels. Build a professional rapport between clients and Agility. Be accountable and interested in the full life cycle of on-going client management. Participate in portions of the sales process and new client engagement activities. Drive the importance of manageable and stable IT environments. Document effectively and thoroughly clients' systems for information sharing and team involvement and support. Become knowledgeable on clients' businesses and processes to best manage and innovate in their operational interest.

Be actively involved in Agility's internal activities, meetings, surveys and culture. Share knowledge, discoveries, ideas, challenges and solutions with peers and managers. Direct your career and consultative skills through collaboration, observation, training, periodicals, seminars, conferences etc. Agility professionals are all influencers on how we conduct business internally and externally, and all work to form the future of the firm as a whole.

Required Skills and Attributes (what we provide as a group of dozens of high-end consultants is very comprehensive; should you feel you fall short in a couple areas, we would still like to speak to you - our asessments and training can fill these gaps):

  • Proficient to expert abilities in Window Server & Client Operating Systems in production networking environments, to date. Server 2003-2012, Small Business Server 2003-2011. Windows XP through Windows 8.
  • Proficient to expert abilities in MS Exchange 2003 to 2007 (2010 desired - not required)
  • Proficient to expert abilities in Active Directory, DNS, Security, Network Design, VPN, Thin-Clients,
  • Terminal (Remote) Services, Troubleshooting, Business Class Servers, Workstations, Notebooks, Firewalls, Switches, WAPs, routers, print and imaging devices and solutions, UPS, environmental management, data back-up/restoration.
  • Familiar to Proficient in secure remote connectivity solutions, VPN, Private circuits, MPLS, RPC/HTTPS, SSL, web certs. etc
  • Beginner to Expert in Virtualization, NAS, SAN, Fiber-channel, shared storage, blade chassis utilization.
  • Proficient in Managed Services concepts and technology, centralized management and monitoring. Experience with Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) toolsets a plus (Kaseya, LabTech, LevelPlatforms, Spiceworks, etc)
  • Disaster recovery planning and solutions.
  • Proficient in virus, malware, and end-point security technologies.
  • Proficient with mobile messaging technologies
  • Understanding of Cloud computing, SAAS, hosted systems
  • Familiar with MS SQL and other database platforms (Agility's Applications Solutions Group handles items beyond the foundation/infrastructure of such solutions)
  • Comfortable and confident as sales support / sales engineer (this is not a sales position; sales support/initial engagement help only).
  • Able to build professional relationships with C-level and end-user contacts at clients.
  • Desire to work closely with peers, managers, and clients to elevate your business and technical acumen (which includes exchanging ideas, thoughts, peer-review, etc.).
  • Ability to give constructive criticism to peers, managers and sometimes clients.
  • Provide potential solutions along with discovered or created problems
  • Manage difficult professional social situations calmly and tactfully.
  • Willing to continue to train, educate peers, have a desire to constantly find better, more efficient ways to bring value to yourself, peers, clients, and clients' I.T. systems.
  • Desire to learn and maintain technical certifications offered and supported by Agility.
  • Share knowledge through developing training or presenting to peers and clients.

Desired Skills

  • MCSE, MCITP and or current Microsoft equivalent certification and specializations.
  • CCNA, CCISP and specializations
  • VCP, VCAP and specializations
  • Familiarity with Macintosh in a networked environment, and or ACSP, ACTC, ACS
  • Familiar to proficient in MS Sharepoint and or MOSS collaboration servers

More About Agility (even more at
Agility Network Services, Inc. has been focused on providing professional quality Information Systems Management to Small and Medium businesses for over 19 years. Our clients are getting larger and more complex; giving our consultants challenge and opportunity. We take our work seriously and the group you will be working with is the best we can possibly find.

At Agility, we know that small and medium-sized businesses can thrive if their networks, hardware, software and process automation are built and managed with the same focus and purpose that drives the IT programs at Fortune 500 companies. Leveraging the latest solutions and technologies allows them to run circles around their competition, big or small.

Looking for a team; a family of like minded, business oriented, senior I.T. consultants who are empowered to contribute to the success of the Agility family, clients, and partners?

This is an opportunity to work with a group of qualified business technology people, each with a dedication to helping all of our clients realize the true value having a provider comprised solely of technology experts as partners, and integrating their technology into their goals for business success.

Agility is a leader in introducing I.T. clients, existing and new, to the world of *holistic* Managed Services. We work with the latest in virtualization, cloud computing and high availability technologies, while leveraging familiar and industry standard solutions to keep small and medium-sized businesses in step with their industries and the progress in the technologies that enable their success.

We advocate thorough and deliberate management of the technology tools that our clients need and rely on to operate. Agility emphasizes the need for a strategic, hands-on, cooperative style of relationship management and service delivery. Combined with a technical and experience-rich team of consultants and managers, we are adept at delivering an unmatched value proposition to a wide variety of small and medium-sized business industries.

Agility is an IT partner, intending through strong professional relationships and business-centric technical solutions, to guide and advise our clients. From the desktop to the web, and the server room to the board room, we share with them how to best utilize computers and technology

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