Remote Solutions Architect, Southern California

for Peak Hosting in Santa Monica, CA

Sales Engineer, Solution Architect, Managed Hosting, MSP 
Santa Monica, CA
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At Peak Hosting’s core, we are a customer service company.  Our servers and OS are awesome, but they are not unique.  Our technical staff, averaging almost 15 years of experience and our less than 2:1 customer to staff ratio, is what differentiates Peak Hosting from every other “cloud” or “managed service” provider in the industry.  While the rest of the industry pays lip service to ‘Fanatical’ support while moving toward software (API, FAQ, GUI, Chat window) to handle customer concerns/problems, Peak Hosting provides personalized Customer Care 7x24x365. Peak Hosting delivers all 17 different disciplines of an operations department to each and every customer.   


Job Description:

This position requires an elite-level Solution Architect (this goes beyond what is sometimes called Sales Engineer, and is more of a Field Consultant or Pre-Sales Technical Consultant) to join the Peak team as we continue to lead the Operations-as-a-Service revolution.  

Solution Architect is the primary technical resource for the national sales force. This individual is responsible for actively driving and managing the technology evaluation stage of the sales process; collecting requirements from the customers; designing the appropriate total operations solution (server, storage, network, OS, and application); and working in conjunction with the sales team as the key technical advisor and product advocate for Peak’s services.

The Solution Architect must be able to articulate technology and product positioning to both business and technical users, and capable of tailoring the dialogue to the audience. S/he must identify all technical issues of assigned accounts, establish and maintain strong technical credibility, and build trust throughout the sales cycle.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Respond to functional and technical elements of RFIs/RFPs, including the ability to constructively criticize, critique, and recommend improvements upon such.
  • Convey customer requirements to both Sales and Product Management teams.
  • Understand server, storage, network, VM, back-up, load balancing, OS, Application, and SAN well enough to satisfy any customer no matter how technical the audience.
  • Collect technical requirements from customers and design and diagram the proper solution based on each customers’ unique requirements with minimal peer review.
  • Present solutions to customer with depth of knowledge sufficient to earn credibility with the prospect or client, and easily handle objections, questions, or alternative ideas.
  • Assist sales with Sales Order creation to ensure Sales Order satisfies all technical requirements and to ensure accuracy.
  • Answer sales staff questions RE: technical issues
  • Answer operations issues clarifying customer requirements as defined in the Service Order.
  • Serve as primary customer point of contact for "what if" questions, thus freeing the operations team to focus on customer support.
  • Identify current and future customer service requirements by establishing personal rapport with potential and actual customers, as well as others in a position to understand service requirements.



  • Background and a proven track record in the architecting IT Managed Services solutions.
  • 3-5+ years relevant experience in vendor sales.
  • Earned reputation as a professionally polished, effective communicator and presenter.
  • Has a history of interacting with senior-level management and other stakeholders in order to positively affect the final purchase decision(s).


Required Skills:

The ideal candidate must be self-motivated with a proven track record in sales and knowledge of technology. S/he is comfortable in the dynamic atmosphere of a technical organization with a rapidly expanding customer base. The candidate must possess strong presentation skills and be able to communicate professionally in written responses to emails, RFPs, and when submitting reports. S/he is organized and analytical, able to eliminate sales obstacles through creative and adaptive approaches.

  • Knowledge of networking including: NAT, Load balancing, BGP, ethernet, spanning-tree, vlans, subnetting IP address, and routing.
  • Knowledge of Security including: Firewalls, patching, policy, IP-SEC, GRE, or SSL VPN, and best practices.
  • Knowledge of Operating Systems including: Windows and Unix licensing.
  • Knowledge of Windows OS and SQL server licensing restrictions is a strong plus.
  • Knowledge of Applications, including Apache, nginx, IIS, Hadoop, Redis, MemCache, and Ruby on Rails is a strong plus.
  • Knowledge of databases including: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MemSQL, Couchbase, Cassandra, and MongoDB is a strong plus.
  • Knowledge of virtualization of at least one (preferably multiple) providers: VMWare, Xen, KVM, or HyperV.
  • Knowledge of operations department responsibilities, including: monitoring, alerting SNMP trending, and out of band communication.
  • Knowledge of data-centers including SAS-70 Type-II or SSA16, Redundant power configurations, and HVAC basics.
  • Knowledge of SAN including: RAID levels, thin provisioning, wide striping, iSCSI, block-level storage, file-level storage, and hardware familiarity with either Hitachi, EMC, NetApp, Nimble, Compellent, Equallogic, or 3PAR.
  • Knowledge of server hardware including: CPU (Intel & AMD), RAM layout, Drives (size/types), and chassis models from either HP or Dell.
  • Able to travel throughout sales territory (25% travel).


Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Experience and familiarity of our products and line of business is a strong plus.
  • A B.S. in Computer Science or a related field is strongly preferred. 



  • Self-motivated, independent, hard worker seeking opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Service mentality focused on “What’s the most I can do?” vs. “What’s the least I can get away with?”
  • Comfortable with a dynamic changing environment where highest priority projects shift quickly to adapt to a nimble growing company’s needs.
  • Strong sense of self, comfortable working with other strongly motivated “D” personalities.
  • Small-company mentality with scrappy start-up work ethic.


Metrics by which this person will be evaluated: 

  • 100% accuracy on Service Orders.
  • 100% accuracy on ROI Calculation spreadsheet.
  • 100% accuracy in preparation of Statement of Work documents, as measured by zero requests from turn-up team for more information.


About Peak Hosting: 

Peak Hosting is a small, nationally distributed, managed hosting provider that has built an unmatched reputation as the Operations-as-a-Service leader.  While other providers resort to hyperbole, we rely on facts: over the past decade, Peak Hosting’s consulting arm has architected, built, and maintained the networks of the largest and most well-known video streaming, social media, dating, gaming, and web portal companies.  By leveraging that broad and deep experience, we have built a managed hosting architecture that other providers can only aspire to. True to its roots, Peak Hosting employs a highly consultative approach to dig into and solve customers’ business challenges.


Peak Hosting Culture:

Before applying please carefully and thoroughly read our Peak Hosting Success Recipe and the Peak Hosting Ten Commandments to ensure a cultural fit.  Peak Hosting staff are very hard working, dedicated, and customer service focused always asking, “What’s the most I can do?”.

Peak Hosting is a very fast paced company with triple-digit growth and many high priority projects at once.  Given our totally commitment to “What’s the most I can do?” for our customers, we often change priorities depending on their evolving needs.  If you are looking for a sleepy, 40-hour per week job where you can relax, this is 100% NOT the company for you.  If you are looking to work with the smartest people in technology, to dedicate hours every week to training and skills development, to have what you do actually matter (ask us about our 10 year plan) and be a part of a meaningful team committed to a unified goal, this is the company for you.

Peak Hosting is an incredibly dynamic company.  Our commitment to be the Technical Operations department (not the cloud vendor) for our customers means we have constantly evolving priorities based on the changing needs of our customers.  Given the dynamic nature and pronounced growth of the company we need flexible staff how are comfortable with change, updated priorities, and capable of creating structure vs. depending on hard and fast bureaucracy.  

Peak Hosting’s success is also largely due to our contrarian business practices which run in direct opposition to the way many large (bloated) organizations execute.  Our “intelligently frugal” model means we do all zero-based budgeting, which guarantees we get the right solution at the right cost.  We also focus heavily on Management EQ (emotional intelligence) to be empathetic leaders vs. dictatorial commanders ordering staff around.  Peak Hosting is not an easy place to work.  It is an incredibly rewarding place to dedicate your career.



This is a full time position in Southern California, with preference given to those within an hour of Santa Monica. Travel will be local to Southern CA and primarily consist of day travel, limited overnight travel. Candidate MUST HAVE reliable transportation.  The candidate must be comfortable working as part of a distributed team. The candidate will report to the National Sales Director.

PLEASE: No 3rd party consulting firms, contractors, and/or candidates not authorized to work in the US without sponsorship.


Peak Hosting