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Invest Your Time and Effort on the Right Candidates

97% of all candidates don’t get hired, costing you – and them – a lot of time, effort and money. Grow your technical teams while saving time and reducing cost with HackerEarth – the world’s largest platform where millions of developers test their skills and compete with their peers.

Recruit – Skill Assessments

Hire more qualified candidates faster. Quickly identify the best developers in your pipeline using HackerEarth’s automated technical assessments.

- Assess talent using 32+ programming languages.

- Pick from 19K+ questions or create your own.

- Tests can be auto-generated based on the role, no technical knowledge needed.

- Easily filter the most qualified candidates using automated reports and evaluations.

Sprint – Hackathons

Quickly turn your ideas into reality. With HackerEarth’s management platform, running a hackathon and engaging top talent is easy.

- Host your own hackathon with minimal effort or let HackerEarth do all the work.

- Select your theme, judges, team sizes, scoring parameters and more – you’re in control.

- Promote your hackathon for 35 days to the HackerEarth and Dice communities.

- Get idea submissions, registrations, judging status and more.

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“With traditional hiring approaches, our success ratio was 20:1. With HackerEarth Recruit, our success ratio was 4:1.”

Dilip G., Sr. Manager, Software Development at Intel Security

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