Space EVAA friend and colleague from NASA’s Ames Research Center sent me an interesting email about a webpage they maintain at NASA dedicated to 2012: Beginning of the End or Why the World Won't End? At first I had to scoff and thought to myself, “oh great, our tax dollars at work!” Thinking back at the “End of the World Scare” from last May (then October), and some of the hysteria it caused, I decided, “OK, this makes great sense for NASA to create a site as a way to fight ignorance with information and science.” Here in Silicon Valley, if we thought the end of the World was coming in 2012, I do not think we would have engineers and entrepreneurs working feverishly to create new innovative products and services--more so now than ever before. In the Valley, many high-tech folks are more optimistic than I have seen since the late 1990s, with many rejecting the usually malarkey that you see from larger companies and starting new businesses on a shoe string, to deliver new products, capabilities and services to mobile device enabled customers. I look forward to 2012 with great optimism. I think it will be an exciting time in Silicon Valley. Not because of the end of the World, but because of excitement of just the opposite: The beginning of a new future. Happy New Year!