Main image of article 7 Stories on Avoiding Job-Search Mistakes
Even the most diligent, most competent people make mistakes from time to time, and sometimes even simple-seeming goofs can have worse consequences than you'd expect. This is especially true in job hunting, where pretty much everyone on the other side of the table is looking for ways to eliminate you. This usually happens in the early stages of the process, when employers have to whittle their initial surge of resumes down to a manageable pile. While most reviewers will overlook a typo in your cover letter, or a missing word on your resume, they won't overlook three. Some companies don't care about what you post on Facebook. Others look at your pictures to find red flags. They do these things to figure out on the first pass who put more care into their application. At a minimum, making a bunch of mistakes hints that you rushed. So, while I hate to be negative at this fine time of year when spring training's beginning, here are some of our best stories on errors to watch out for. Some are obvious, but people still make them. Others are hidden like a pothole under the snow. Either way, keep your eyes out for them. Job hunting is all about being buttoned up.