Amazon's EC2 Troubles is Giving Cloud Skeptics Plenty of Ammunition "It seems to me the outage of Amazon’s cloud computing service … was a signal event," says InformationWeek's Charles Babcock. Those who advocate for cloud computing now will face more skepticism within their departments about the cloud being a reliable solution to data issues. Their traditional arguments -- such as that service providers like Amazon have set up themselves to protect against a catastrophic failure -- aren't as strong as they were early last week. Source: InformationWeek Speaking of Failures, Sony's PlayStation Network is Still Down Sony's PlayStation Network has been down since Wednesday because of an "external intrusion" (such a nice phrase). The company says it's improving its security even as it works to get itself back online. "The outage is one of the worst suffered by a major online network," notes VentureBeat. The fact it's happening at the same time as Amazon's trouble gives cloud critics more ammunition. Source: VentureBeat Apple's Testing an iPhone for T-Mobile Boy Genius Report's published photos of an iPhone prototype with T-Mobile USA 3G bands. BGR says it's confirmed the phone is running a test version of iOS, as well as Apple test apps. Source: Boy Genius Report