Main image of article Americans Use Their Gadgets Before Getting Out Of Bed
Those lazy summer mornings: The birds chirp. The breeze blows. The coffee maker turns itself on, and it's time to get out of bed. But before you do, pick up your iPhone and open an app. Or your Android. Doesn't matter. If you're like 35 percent of Americans, that's what you do before you toss back the sheets every morning. You might open up Facebook -- the most heavily used morning social application -- or you might check the weather. Maybe you sneak in a game of Bejeweled to get yourself ready for work. All of this comes from Ericsson, which researched usage patterns.  Another finding: Mornings might be big for a lot of people, but that doesn't mean it's the time of heaviest use. The British gadget site T3 says:
Apps with a social aspect are used throughout the day, peaking at lunchtime and early evening with nearly a quarter of users checking on Facebook or an app similar to the social networking site. The research suggested that smartphone non-voice usage was at its highest early and late in the evening, averaging 64.5% whilst 1/5 would use an app whilst eating dinner.
All of this makes me feel much better about taking my iPad to bed with me. Source: T3