Main image of article Apple Plans Media Event in Less Than A Month (Report)
Apple iPad Event Apple's September special media event, traditionally reserved for iPod, iTunes and iOS announcements, will fall on the 7th this year, according to the Japanese blog Kodawarisan. The iPod is no longer as popular as it was years ago, and Apple just announced a major iOS update (iOS 5) in June. Yet, fanboys and industry watchers alike are both looking forward to the event -- or more specifically, the long overdue iPhone 5. Since the inception of the first iPhone back in 2007, Apple has never failed to refresh its iPhone line annually around June or July period. This year is the first exception, possibly so it wouldn't distract from the sales of Verizon's CDMA iPhone (released in February) and the white iPhone (in April). Will Apple Unveil The iPhone 5 on September 7th, 2011? In June, the wizards at CNET UK too had predicted the iPhone 5 release date to be on Sept. 7. They can be right, provided Steve Jobs is wrong. Apple's co-founder has said iOS 5 will be released this fall, which really starts at the end of September. Unless Apple plans to release the new iPhone with an old OS, chances are we will not see it on the 7th. If you want to be literal, that is. Source: MacRumors Photos: Matt Buchanan, Mobile Review