Main image of article Apple Reportedly Shortens App Approval Times
For developers who work with iOS, there’s some good news this week: Apple has reportedly reduced the approval time for new submissions to the App Store, according to (via Bloomberg). Over the past year, according to data compiled by AppReviewTimes, the mean approval time for new apps tumbled from 8.8 days to 1.95 days. “It can now happen within hours of submitting them, which is really awesome because it speeds up the development cycle,” developer Chris Maddern, who has worked on software for Uber and Foursquare, told Bloomberg. Apple reviews every app submission for potential security vulnerabilities, in addition to content, and will ban software that doesn’t comply with its stringent guidelines. The company recently issued an update to its developer materials, including some tips on building apps that will meet App Store guidelines. Common reasons for rejection include:
  • Crashes and bugs
  • Broken links
  • Placeholder content
  • Inaccurate descriptions
  • Substandard user interface
  • Advertisements
In addition, Apple will ban apps that attempt to mislead users, and don’t provide “enough lasting value.” The latter is a nebulous category that can include everything from apps that don’t offer enough content, to those that target only “a small niche market.” A sizable portion of rejections stem from bugs or a lack of information (such as neglecting to include full contact information). “We have over a million Apps in the App Store,” reads one section of Apple’s guidelines. “If your App doesn't do something useful, unique or provide some form of lasting entertainment, or if your app is plain creepy, it may not be accepted.” Got that? Keep the creepiness (whatever that means) to a minimum.