Games on the iPad

Apple's former iOS games chief Graeme Devine says the company's all over games. He told IndustryGamers:
"Apple is clearly focused on gaming. A lot of people say Apple doesn’t get gaming, but Apple has probably the most popular gaming device on the planet right now, and that doesn’t happen by accident," Devine stated. "Apple is intensely focused on gaming and intensely aware of it. Every ad for the iPod Touch only shows games; no running music."
What could be extra exciting for developers is the convergence of "some of the iOS stuff" with the desktop, Apple TV, the iPad and the iPhone, Devine says. IndustryGamers notes that Apple TV could well be on its way to becoming a game console. But as that plays out, bear in mind the great majority of iPad owners - 84 percent - primarily use their iPad for gaming. Terry Lucy at Macgasm thinks Apple will remake the landscape of gaming over the next five years as lifestyles become more mobile and generally crazy, leaving people less time to sit and engage with their consoles. "Gaming," he says, "is creeping into the core of Apple."