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Can Austin Be a Major Video Game Hub? As we noted last week, Electronic Arts's creation of 300 jobs here has encouraged talk of Austin becoming a center of game development. But that news is balanced by moves of other local game developers to lay off workers. The reality is the industry ebbs and flows with game development cycles, which lead to hiring and firing based on production. Austin Named Fourth Most Social City: The rating, from social ID firm NetProspex, was given based on the number of social network profiles tied to a corporate e-mail address, plus the amount of connections each business has over social networks. When it came to Twitter accounts alone, Austin ranked the 10th most active. Austin Business Journal Non-Profit Will Help Manage Online Identities: The Austin non-profit startup Consortium for Local Ownership and Use of Data (CLOUD) wants to help people to manage data so that more privacy can be ensured. It's creating tools and standards to help users manage their online identities by developing a new contextual markup language. Mayor Considering Creative Advisory Group: Mayor Leffingwel''s Creative Industries Advisory Group would offer a music, film and gaming grant program and incubator. It would also encourage academic expansion of creative degrees at area colleges. Austin Business Journal Mass Relevance Partners with MTV for Social Content: Austin-based Mass Relevance announced a partnership with MTV to “to curate and analyze real-time social content across a wide range of brand experiences,” including Web, mobile, tablet and live shows. One of the Best CFOs in Austin: WhiteGlove House Call Health's CFO and VP of Operations William Kerley, according to the Austin Business Journal. Kerley has helped the early-stage company, which delivers healthcare services to patients without their leaving their home of office, develop tools to help determine markets to invest in and created tailored accounting and payable systems. Austin Business Journal One of the Best Places to Live: Austin was named one of 100 finalists in RelocateAmerica's 14th annual best places to live contest. Voting is still going on. Last year, Austin placed third on the list. In March, Austin was named the second best job market in the U.S., and in February Business Review USA named the city one of the best places to live and work. Austin Business Journal