Main image of article Badmouth Your Boss on Facebook, Keep Your Job
It's a personal preference whether or not to friend your boss on Facebook. But if you have done so, it goes without saying that it's a bad idea calling him a turkey or criticizing your job. Post something your boss doesn't like and it may cost you your job, as these unfortunate employees relate in the Facebook group "Have you been fired because of Facebook?":
Sean Gulden: I took photos of a coworker dumping a bottle of pee out and posted them. I got fired because of it. Now there's one of my friends spying on my posts and trying to twist my words around to use against me. Free speech is dead in this country or so it seems. Jeremy Allen: i was fired because i said that the family that owned the company i worked for "had forgotten where they came from ",and some people commented and agreed with me ,i never let this get in the way of my work.but they still keep employees who have failed drug tests,and missing work unexcused 15 to 30 times a year. Jamie McVey: I am a paramedic who has been workin at this company for 3 yrs. I was fired because I made a comment about a hospital(which I am not affiliated with) on Facebook. They said it endangered the contract, and made both my company and the hospital look bad. Really?
But guess what? Firing employees over what they've posted on Facebook is illegal, at least according to The National Labor Relations Board. The board's general counsel, Lafe Solomon, said "using Facebook is the same as employees talking around the water cooler." So, the board contends that Hispanics United of Buffalo violated federal law, which allows employees to talk with co-workers about their jobs and working conditions without reprisal -- after the New York based non-profit dismissed five employees over their Facebook posts.
The complaint filed last week against Hispanics United of Buffalo claims that one employee used Facebook to post a co-worker's allegation that workers were not doing enough to help the organization's clients. That post prompted other employees to defend their job performance and criticize workload and staffing issues.
But bear in mind: It may be illegal for your boss to fire you for badmouthing him, the company, or anything else he thinks is "inappropriate" on Facebook -- or any social networking site for that matter. But he sure can make your life miserable or adversely affect your career advancement. It's still not worth it. Source: AP via Yahoo