Storm Trooper CoupleWe want to make you famous. Well, kind of famous. OK, maybe just give you some bragging rights. How? By inviting you to be a featured geek here on Dice News. Each week, we'll showcase someone who works in tech -- could be a developer, could be a media designer, could be in QA, could be a project manager. If your job involves any kind of technology, you're the one we're looking for. It's a chance for you to tell people about your job, how you got there, what you do during off-hours. If you'd rather talk about the cool things you do in your basement (as long as they're G-rated), that's fine with us. Tech people are interesting, after all, and we all know tech's about a lot more than just work. Interested? All you have to do is email me at We'll reach out to you, interview you, help you tell your story in your words. Basically, we'll do all the heavy lifting. And, no, we won't share your name with anyone who's putting together any kind of marketing list. Here's what's in it for you: On top of the fame / kind of fame/ bragging rights, we'll send you a Dice T-Shirt, plus an autographed photo of Cat Miller. And maybe, just maybe, she'll interview you on Skype. It'll be fun. I promise. Send us that email. Photo: