Big Data jobs focus on collecting, analyzing and interpreting data to help a business further its goals. As the sector grows, business intelligence has never been a bigger deal. So where are the jobs? Not exactly where you might think. IT staffing firm Modis has identified five cities where big data is driving job growth:
  1. San Francisco: It’s home to large companies in the retail, insurance, healthcare and e-commerce sectors, all of which rely on an aggressive use of data.
  2. McLean, Va.: It has both a strong commercial sector and government presence. And, Modis notes, no one users technology products and services than the U.S. government.
  3. Boston: Banking and bio/pharmaceutical industries are big here and they're both industries that use large amounts of detailed and complex data.
  4. St. Louis: Universities and healthcare companies, pharmaceutical and bioresearch companies need data analysts and and data scientists.
  5. Toronto: Financial institutions fuel the need for business intelligence professionals who can help them get a precise, complete picture of their businesses and customers.
Modis Vice President Laura Kelly observes that ideal candidates are often hard to find. "Our clients are looking for people with a certain level of experience, who have worked in a big data environment," she says. "There aren't a lot of them in the market."