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Here is some interesting news on Brazil taking the lead on world-wide gadget and general consumer electronics use. According to Accenture research across eight countries, Brazilians have the highest consumer electronics ownership and spending in 15 product categories. More than half (55 percent) of Brazilian consumers have bought a mobile phone during the past year, compared to the international survey average of 32 percent. Similarly, 40 percent of Brazilian consumers plan to buy HDTVs this year compared to 25 percent internationally; and 20 percent intend to buy 3DTVs this year compared to 12 percent internationally. “Brazilian consumers are outpacing the rest of the world’s consumers in electronics usage and spending,” said Petronio Nogueira, senior executive with Accenture’s Communications and High-Tech Group. “Now as never before, Brazil has become a global epicenter for consumer electronics business opportunities.” Consumers in Brazil also posted the highest percentages of mobile phone ownership (89 percent), DVDs (79 percent), TVs (69 percent) and netbooks (32 percent) of consumers in the survey. They also ranked the highest among all countries in the purchase of HDTVs (28 percent), digital photo cameras (28 percent), netbooks (19 percent), global positioning satellite systems (GPS) (15 percent), portable music players (12 percent) and game consoles (12 percent). This same group ranked highest overall in purchases of GPS systems (18 percent) and game consoles (8 percent). Enthusiasm among Brazilians for consumer electronics devices in the workplace is especially intense among 18-to-27 year olds -- the “Millennial” generation. Two-thirds (66 percent) of 18-to-22 year olds expect to use their consumer devices of their own choice at work—a higher percentage than Millennials in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Methodology The Accenture research compiled in this release stems from four separate surveys: The eight-country online consumer survey, titled “Finding Growth: Emergence of a new Consumer Technology Paradigm,” was conducted in October and November of 2010. More than 8,000 respondents were asked about usage and spending regarding 20 technologies such as computers, smartphones, and tablet computers. For a copy of the complete set of survey findings, please visit “The Value, Role and Performance of the Physical Retail Channel for Communications Service Companies and Providers’ Perspectives” was a survey conducted between December 2009 and January 2010. It included more than 3,000 consumers in 18 countries who used telecom services. For a copy of the survey findings, please visit Coleman Parks Research, in cooperation with Accenture, surveyed corporate executives on their use of analytics. The Millennial survey, conducted in February 2010, is titled “Jumping the Boundaries of Corporate IT: Accenture’s Global Research on Millennial’s Use of Technology. For a copy of that survey’s findings, please visit A report titled, “Always On. Always Connected. Are You Ready? Keeping Pace with Consumer Demand for Technology in Brazil” summarizes many of the results sited in this release. It also includes insights from the Accenture Institute of High Performance, secondary research, and findings from Accenture’s extensive experience working hand-in-hand with companies operating in, and entering into, the Brazilian market. For a copy of the report, please visit Source: This is a submission from Charles Hartley at Accenture.