Main image of article Carol Bartz Resigns From Yahoo's Board
Carol Bartz, who was abruptly fired as Yahoo's chief executive last Tuesday, resigned from the company's board this past weekend. Last week, Bartz told Fortune that she would keep her position as a director on Yahoo's board despite losing her CEO position. That prompted Charles Sipkins, a spokeman for Yahoo's directors to respond: "Ms. Bartz is obligated to resign from the board and we expect her to do so." He was right. As if the situation isn't rough enough, Bartz now risks losing her $10 million exit compensation package for saying that Yahoo's directors "f---ed me over" and calling them "doofuses" in the explosive Fortune interview. That is, if the company decides that the comments breach the non-disparagement clause in her employment contract. Source: Bloomberg Photo credit: Yodel Anecdotal