How secure is a company's infrastructure security? You can bet the CEO's response is likely to floor the CSO. You see, there's a wide perception gap between the two groups, says a new survey released this week from research firm Core Security. The organization interviewed 200 top executives in April and found more than half of CSOs say their systems are under attack without their knowledge, while only a quarter of the CEOs thought so. This disconnect could just be a case of communication issues. More than 36 percent of CEOs say the CSO never informs them about the state of their company's IT infrastructure security. It's time to start talking folks! And while CSOs say the greatest threat to their company's IT infrastructure security is a lack of employee education and diligence, CEOs disagree. CEOs apparently believe external phishing attacks represent the largest threat and feel the company has sufficient time, as well as resources, to adequately train and educate their employees on how to effectively mitigate threats. One thing that was surprising is how nearly half of the CSOs surveyed had never tried to compromise their own networks to test the effectiveness of their security.

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