Main image of article Jobs in Computer Systems, Services Rise for 3rd Month
Techonomics February Chart Computer-systems design and services jobs rose 5.1 percent year-over-year in February, the third-straight month of growth. Among the things driving the growth is demand for open cloud and Big Data solutions, especially Linux administrators. While the communications equipment, electronic instruments and telecommunications sectors showed declines year-on-year, more recent numbers hint at a different story: Each has increased hiring during the past three months. Communications-equipment jobs rose from 106,700 in December to 107,800 in February, electronic instruments jumped from 369,600 to 398,000, and telecommunications increased from 846,900 to 855,200. Telecom carriers are hiring in order to keep up with increasing network demand, according to Infonetics Research. The company says that capital expenditures in the sector rose about 4 percent in 2012, and it expects growth to continue this year and next as mobile services continue to expand.