Main image of article Daily Tip: Procrastinators, Update That Deadline
You have two months to finish building an app. If you’re a procrastinator, that could mean you’ll dally up until the last minute, and then complete the task in a blaze of late nights, frantic typing, and lots of caffeine. It doesn’t have to be this way. Most procrastinators realize they need to adjust their habits in order to complete tasks in a timelier—or at least not quite as frantic—manner. And while some claim that waiting until the last minute provides the adrenaline rush they need to actually get their work done, it’d be hard to find someone who thinks that working in a mad burst is the right way to go in all situations. So what’s the solution? If you’re a procrastinator, set an artificial, much earlier deadline for yourself—one that gives you more than enough time to actually check your work, or go back later with improvements. Having a friend or colleague keep tabs on whether you’re sticking to it can prove a big help; and you'll appreciate having everything finished well before the real deadline hits.

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