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Job interviewers often like to ask, “What do you consider your biggest weakness?” Many candidates like to respond, “I work too hard,” or, “I get too passionate about projects.” They think such responses show their devotion to whatever task’s at hand. In reality, those answers are total clichés, to the point where they’ve been parodied on The Simpsons. Job-hunting tip: Don’t give answers during interviews that have been parodied on The Simpsons. So what’s the best answer when asked about your weaknesses? Stick to professional flaws: It’s better to say you’re not great at crunching numbers, for example, than to confess that you spark off drama way too often among your friends. Also, make sure whatever flaw you highlight won’t knock you out of contention for the job: If you’re a digital artist, it’s probably not best to state that you’ve never been great with Photoshop. The most important part of the answer, however, involves telling the interviewer that you’re working on correcting the flaw. That shows you’re a proactive, take-charge type—not to mention a self-aware one.

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