Main image of article Huge Data Centers Don't Create Jobs; Layoffs at Nokia Siemens
Dice News RoundupDICE NEWS ROUNDUP Huge Data Centers Don’t Generate Jobs: The people of Maiden, N.C., were thrilled when they heard Apple would be building a $1 billion data center in their town, but now that it’s done, there’s a disappointing reality to face: The massive facility employs only 50 people. As it turns out, most data center design work happens elsewhere, and once temporary construction jobs wind down, little manpower is needed to maintain the highly automated facilities.  The Washington Post Nokia Siemens to Slash 17,000 Jobs: Network infrastructure vendor Nokia Siemens Networks will cut 17,000 jobs worldwide by the end of 2013. About 23 percent of the company's 74,000 employees will be laid off. The joint venture has been struggling throughout its four-year life, having trouble competing on price with Huawei and Ericsson. It’s unclear how many U.S. jobs, if any, will be affected. Network World GE Has a $1 Billion Plan for the East Bay: General Electric will open a global software center at the 585-acre Bishop Ranch Business Park in San Ramon, Calif. The new "nerve center" will support the company's global software developers and engineers and will employ about 400 software professionals. GE leased 225,000-square-feet space and should be in its new offices at Bishop Ranch 3 by mid-2012. Veteran GE Vice President Bill Ruh will lead the centralized software initiative, which will connect more than 5,000 GE software professionals. GE architects and engineers at the center will collaborate with global experts from multiple industries to develop software solutions. Facebook and Zynga IPOs Herald Social Strength: Facebook appears to be ready to come of age. Rumors sweeping Wall Street and Silicon Valley say the world’s largest social network will go public next spring, looking to raise $10 billion to yield a $100 billion valuation. Meanwhile, Zynga is launching its IPO road show on Monday. Zynga originally filed for a $1 billion offering in July that would have yielded a valuation of between $15 billion and $20 billion. With recent IPOs such as Groupon and Angie’s List faltering in subsequent trading, industry observers will watch the IPOs as indicators of the market’s belief in social media as a moneymaking enterprise. Reuters Can a Corporate Zero E-Mail Policy Work? The 74,000 employees of French IT company Atos will eventually be email free if CEO Thierry Breton has his way. Breton calculates that only 10 percent of the 200 messages most employees receive each day really matter, and that 18 percent of all e-mail is spam. He intends to get rid of all internal e-mail within 18 months and replace it with a combination of instant messaging and a wiki-like social-media setup. According to a spokesperson, Atos has already eliminated 20 percent of its e-mail, and Breton himself no longer sends e-mail messages. Yahoo! News A Glut of Tech Incubators Is Producing Too Little of Interest: A rapid proliferation of startup "boot camps" is causing too much competition for talent while yielding few big projects that go on to success. Today, incubators number nearly 100, up from four in 2007, mainly in around Silicon Valley. The model, which involves spending little on a lot of early-stage bets instead of investing more in a few bigger ones, doesn’t typically pay off, and some industry watchers think investors need to be willing to take bigger risks to end up with useful products and services.  Nevertheless, the trend continues. TechStars, with branches in several states, said it received more than 3,000 applications in 2011, up from 1,300 in 2010. The Wall Street Journal Upcoming Tech Events ACSAC 2011 - Annual Computer Security Applications Conference December 5-9—Orlando, Fla. 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