Dell, best known for its desktop and notebook PCs, continues to make a major push into the cloud-based enterprise space, hoping to grab the attention of the IT crowd tasked with creating public and private cloud-based hardware connections and software solutions. As InfoWorld reports, the company has launched its latest round of PowerEdge servers, the C series, to help service providers running Web sites and public clouds as well as businesses creating private clouds for internal use. The turnkey solutions include hardware, software, and implementation services.
The systems are not typical servers and won't appeal to all customers. They strip out some features, like redundant power supplies, in order to reduce power consumption and thus operational costs, but that also makes them less reliable than typical rackmount servers. They are designed to run in specialized cloud environments with software that can route around hardware failures and keep applications running.
Dell is competing in this area against HP's Extreme Scale-Out systems as well as IBM's iDataPlex servers, so it has its work cut out for it. The good news is the company has already made impressive inroads into the enterprise market, a market it's only started to serve wholeheartedly in recent years. For more insight into the latest cloud-based innovations, check out six cool cloud companies introduced last week at the DEMO trade show. You'll spot some very clever ideas. -- Don Willmott