Dice News Roundup DICE NEWS ROUNDUP: It Was a Merry Smartphone Christmas: There were 6.8 million smartphone activations on Christmas Day, according to mobile analytics firm Flurry. That’s up by 140 percent over Christmas 2010. Google says it’s activating 700,000 Android devices daily, and Flurry adds that 242 million apps were downloaded on Christmas Day. PC Magazine China Plans the World’s Largest Smartphone Factory: Foxconn, the world’s largest producer of smartphones, will build a huge new factory in Zhengzhou, Henan province in central China. The $1.1 billion plant will likely employ more than 100,000 people and have 95 production lines. Foxconn, which has faced criticism for its labor practices, builds such products as the iPhone (200,000 per day), the Xbox 360, and the Kindle Fire. The Verge Google+ Passes 60 Million Users: Google+ watcher Paul Allen says the social network now has 62 million users and is adding 625,000 more daily. He expects 100 million users by the end of February, and 200 million by August. A year from now, he predicts, the network will have 300 million users. Allen doesn’t attempt to calculate how many of the users are active, and it’s worth noting that Facebook has passed 800 million users on its way to a nearly unimaginable 1 billion. Mashable Health Insurers Are Struggling with Old IT: Upcoming government mandates will force many health insurers to upgrade their IT infrastructures. In a survey of 106 leaders from healthcare payers, 35 percent of respondents listed cost or return on investment as their top concerns with implementing new IT systems. Nearly a quarter said that they were most concerned with disruption to regular business flows. And about 21 percent cited short deadlines to comply with mandates. InformationWeek More Cybercrime to Come in 2012: Rik Ferguson, director of security research and communication at security firm Trend Micro, expects the number of cyber-espionage attacks to increase in 2012 and the malware used for this purpose to become increasingly sophisticated. "Espionage activities have, for hundreds of years, taken advantage of cutting-edge technologies to carry out covert operations; 2011 was not the beginning of Internet-facilitated espionage, nor will it be the end," he says. Computerworld 2012 Will Be Biggest Tech IPO Year Since 1999: Facebook and Yelp will be the stars of the 2012 IPO season, and they will lead the biggest year for tech IPOs since the pre-crash year of 1999. At least 14 other Web-related companies are planning sales, and the industry may raise $11 billion next year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That would be the most since $18.5 billion of IPOs in 1999. However, heightened stock volatility and Europe’s debt crisis could slow the pace of global IPOs after a 38 percent decline in 2011. This year’s IPOs of Zynga and Pandora didn’t dazzle the markets. Bloomberg BusinessWeek Expert Contends IT Managers Are Aloof and Insular: Organizational psychologist Billie Blair says IT managers see others in an organization as pests or threats to their IT universe. “Technical jobs are an engagement with things rather than people, for the most part, and it's that engagement with things which is what got them to the management level,” says Blair. “Now, as managers, they have to deal in a whole new arena. With IT managers, within their group, their cadre of other IT folks, it's pretty much an 'us versus them' approach. We are the gurus and the knowledgeable people and those other people are the ones that are always making demands and keeping us from doing our real jobs.” CIO.com

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IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference January 7-10—Las Vegas This annual international conference is organized with the objective of bringing together researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry working in all areas of consumer communications and networking. Consumer Electronics Show January 10-13—Las Vegas It’s the mother of all consumer electronics trade shows. CES 2012 will feature more than 2,700 global technology companies unveiling the latest consumer technology products and services across 15 major product categories including the latest in audio, automotive electronics, connected home technologies, digital imaging/photography, electronic gaming, entertainment/content and more.