Main image of article Dice Social Recap: March 1-13, 2015
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Employee Appreciation Day gave us the opportunity to show love to our amazing employees.  Our good friend Craig Fisher with a 'random tweet of kindness'. Thanks Craig! Terry Starr, Bryan Chaney, and Craig Fisher turned the #DiceTalentNet Conference at Whole Foods Market in Austin, TX into a fiesta.
Celinda Appleby with an amazing write-up on the current state of the tech candidate/recruiter relationship, featuring findings from the Tech Candidate Sentiment Survey.
  Well, that's one way to start an interview. 
Is game designing your idea of the best job ever? Hannah Morgan shares 5 new tech trends in job search, including one way how Dice has changed the way tech pros go about looking their job hunt. 
We released the 2015 Linux Jobs Report. What did we find? Linux pros are in for a big year in 2015.
What tech pro would say no to a job offering up this cake as an incentive? 
An infographic on modern recruiting. Awesome work by the people at Smashfly