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The Script

Is your city in a funk? Has your career stalled? Perhaps you've considered relocating to a tech hot spot like Austin or the Silicon Valley. Canta and I are thinking about it. Well,  before you pull up stakes and head for greener pastures there's a few things you should consider. I'm Cat Miller, here with my best friend Canta,  and this is DiceTV. Cities like Boston or New York can be tempting when you look at the salaries, but the cost of living is higher too. You may end up in a small apartment with less discretionary income despite earning a higher salary. Take advantage of websites and online tools that compare the cost of living and relocation expenses before you commit. If urban living doesn't pencil-out, consider second-tier cities that feature vibrant tech communities. You might be able to live well on a mid-range salary in Austin, Pittsburgh or Raleigh. Even the Washington D.C./Baltimore area offers a robust tech market and you'll enjoy great job security because the region is supported by a steady flow of federal funds. If you've been dreaming about a new career in sunny California, don't be dissuaded by reports of high unemployment. The golden state currently has more than 13,000 job listings on Dice and experts say California will create 46,000 new and replacement IT and communications jobs in the next two years. In fact, California tech jobs are expected to grow by 7 percent which is nearly double the estimates for the region's overall job growth. But California is so large, you need to do your homework before you pack your bags. The state has seven cities with populations greater than 500,000 and each area caters to different industries and careers. Tech firms in the Silicon Valley are actively recruiting Web developers, software developers and engineers, while San Diego is home to a number of telecom and defense firms. Review job postings, press releases, census data and information from the local chamber of commerce to get a feel for the business climate and to select a city where your career can flourish. You'll - we'll know we've found greener pastures when we find the right position, the right salary and the perfect place to live, with a handsome Schnauser next door. I'm Cat Miller - this is Canta - and this has been Dice TV. We now return you to your regular desktop.