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The Script

Wow, IT strategists are predicting that collaboration technology will dramatically reduce decision making time and improve productivity, but companies need the right architecture to reap the savings. That means there's a growing demand for collaboration architecture - do you have the skills and experience to work a crowd? I'm Cat Miller and this is DiceTV. Some call "collaboration architecture" a process, others call it a skill, but everyone agrees that it combines technology, information, communication and processes to drive business results. The introduction of collaboration software, along with the proliferation of mobile devices and tablets, is driving the need for "holistic" architecture. Employees want to share applications, documents, videos and even their desktops in real time and communicate with teammates, customers and vendors via blogs, voice, messaging, Wikis, Web conferences and Web meetings... from various devices. For starters, architects need business knowledge and experience gathering comprehensive requirements. It¿s not enough to merely dissect the workflow or tweak an application. Architects must understand critical time frames, cultural nuances and real world scenarios to design unique and customized structures that connect people, processes and information. Next, they need familiarity with collaboration software and tools and have the skills to integrate user-friendly-communications-functionality into existing network structures and applications. Finally, prospective collaboration architects need experience implementing network designs and engaging users because adoption rates are the ultimate litmus test of the architecture's success. Certainly hands-on experience is a plus, but the door is open to everyone because this is an emerging field. Acquire fundamental knowledge of the collaborative process by reading white papers, the Cisco blog and participating in Webinars and workshops dedicated to the methodology. If you want a challenging role that creates virtual teams and has a real impact on the bottom line, now's the time to throw your hat into the ring and start collaborating. I'm Cat Miller and this has been DiceTV. We now return you to your regular desktop.