The Script If you like the idea of spending your days looking for gaps and thwarting risks across the enterprise, and spending your evenings hob nobbing with executives, then why not transfer your technical experience into a new career as an information systems auditor. I’m Cat Miller and this is DiceTV. If you’re familiar with networking and information security then you’re a candidate for one of the thousands of IS auditing positions that will be created by 2016. Information systems auditors are responsible for safeguarding a company’s assets, ensuring data integrity and making sure that the current technology supports the business plan. Auditors must be detail-oriented and methodical, because their responsibilities include planning the audit, meticulously following procedures, writing reports and delivering both the good and bad news to senior management. They need unshakeable ethics and integrity, because they must obey the rules and report any transgressions by staff members. Successful transitioners usually have a degree, an A+, Microsoft or Cisco certification and experience with disaster recovery. Though it’s not a requirement, a security certification is a plus. If you have networking experience then you’re probably familiar with the audit process, but you can learn the balance of the fundamentals by studying for the certification exam. Once you pass the test, you can work as an auditor and receive official certification after satisfying the experience requirements. It’s also helpful to understand risk assessment methodologies like COBIT and ITIL, regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley and quality standards like ISO, especially if you want to work in manufacturing or large publicly-traded companies. You can learn them on-the-job. Certified professionals must agree to a code of ethics, comply with audit association standards and complete 20 hours of continuing education each year. An IT auditor is a highly visible position that isn’t for everyone. But if you like learning new technology and thwarting vicious hackers, then this is the perfect time to make the transition. I’m Cat Miller and this has been DiceTV. We now return you to your regular desktop.