The Script So, you're a top performer at work, but you're not treated as warmly as the other coworkers. You're not an outcast, but you don't feel like they quite have your back. What can you do to build better relationships with your colleagues? I'm Cat Miller, and this is DiceTV. Forging strong relationships with coworkers is an underrated key to a satisfying career. Camaraderie isn’t just a great stress-reliever; it’s also a practical resource during challenging deadlines. As a tech you've learned "hard skills." Do you know what you need now? Soft skills. The most important... Be yourself. Faking nice or friendly when you're not feeling it that day makes others think you're hiding something. If coworkers perceive you as insincere, they will often respond in kind, resulting in relationships that are superficial though cordial. Express interest in others. You don't need a persistently cheerful personality to build better relationships, but people do want to be assured that they are more than just a face or a name to you. Lend a hand. Lightening someone's work load will go a long way toward building trust and respect. The time and effort you spend may be small, but the appreciation your continued help generates over time will be noticed by others. Play it cool. When you need help, don't overstate the urgency of the need. By sounding the alarm too often, you raise everyone’s stress levels, so pick your moments carefully. Above all, don't gossip. Sharing a juicy tidbit about a coworker might feel like a good way to develop a closer relationship with another colleague, but demonstrating that you can be trusted with confidential information will go much further. By changing your own behavior, you are likely to find that tighter bonds will take shape. If they don't, consider options outside of your current department or firm. I'm Cat Miller, this has been DiceTV,  and we now return you to your regular desktop.