The Script Job seekers encounter enough set-backs and opposition in today’s market, so why go it alone? Adopt a team approach by soliciting a small network of veteran recruiters and making them your advocates. I’m Cat Miller and this is DiceTV. As you set out on your job search, select a handful of experienced recruiters who know the local market and make frequent placements within your area of expertise. You want to leverage their relationships with IT line managers and capitalize on their ability to score prime job orders and exclusive searches, while newbie recruiters and solo job seekers fight over the leftovers. Build a relationship with your recruiter by having a face-to-face meeting and sharing your career goals and work preferences. That way you’re not just another name in the database and your recruiter will think of you first when the right opportunity comes along. Listen to your recruiter, because they know the market’s limitations and whether your financial demands are reasonable. They can help you ace the interview by letting you know the manager’s hot buttons, previous interview questions, their work environment and current priorities. They’ll likely know the competition during a search, and can help you set a strategy to come out on top. Think of your recruiter like a doctor or lawyer. Be completely candid about your technical experience and earnings. A veteran recruiter knows how to overcome candidate shortfalls, but they’ll end the relationship immediately if a deal falls through because you misrepresented the facts. Always return their calls and e-mails and offer them immediate feedback after an interview. Keep them updated on your status so they can present your profile with confidence. Reward their efforts by sending them referrals. Remember, a recruiter will fight hard to meet your salary demands, so they can close the deal. And technical managers judge recruiters by the candidates they send, so build a reciprocal relationship by making a great impression during interviews. I’m Cat Miller and this has been DiceTV. We now return you to your regular desktop.