[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aQlcDYdad8?rel=0&hd=1&w=560&h=349] Hello, job seekers. How are you? Fantastic. You want your job search to be more productive. You want things to happen. Of course you do. Well, make them happen. Network! No, not servers - routers - wireless. Coffee. Lunch. Drinks after work. Get away from your keyboard and into the world. Get to know people. Get them to know you. Why? So, they'll think of you when they hear of opportunities. Yes, you can talk shop when you meet them. Tell them about your coding skills. Your architectural affinity. Your strong sense of system administration. Your ability to air-cool servers in ways that lead your company to drop utility hook ups in favor of wind turbines, solar panels and the gentle body heat of little baby lambs. Oh, you're saying, I'm shy. I don't like to call people. I don't like to ask them for anything. No one objects to going to lunch. Everyone needs a cup of coffee. Or maybe tea. Perhaps spring water. It doesn't matter. Networking is the most effective tactic you have in your arsenal. If you've got a weapon like that, why don't you use it? I'm Cat Miller. DiceTV. Don't go back to your desktop. Pick up the phone. Call someone.  (No, not Cat.) And see some our favorite stories on networking here, here and here. DiceTV: Networking Puts the (Old) Spice into Your Job Search