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The Script

Cat: Are you annoyed by co-workers who talk a good game, but never deliver? The fact is that it's not enough for IT professionals to proclaim their superiority. In today's  environment, they have to prove it. I'm Cat Miller and this is DiceTV. Leading by example and follow through are traits of highly successful professionals. After all, anyone can make promises. But the ones who actually deliver the goods are usually the ones who get ahead. Remember management and your peers will judge your attitude by your behavior, not your words. Here's an example, Let's say you're really frustrated by the help desk's poor response time. You can complain about it or you can pitch in and help them improve their deficiencies. You won't even need to call attention to your actions because everyone will notice. Hands-on coaching is another way to demonstrate your commitment. Let's say you're responsible for training a new employee on restoring backups. You can lecture him on the process or you can put the GUI in front of him and walk through it together. If you're a mentor, don't just meet with your mentee. Let him observe you on the job. He'll not only learn more but he'll view you as a leader. Here's another hint: Don't volunteer to create a report on disaster recovery, just do it. Your boss will be impressed that you identified the need and took the initiative without being asked. Being motivated and self-directed are traits of successful professionals. Finally, if you want to be a manager, act like one. Avoid gossip and prove that you are part of the solution rather than part of the problem. In a competitive environment, candidates have to back-up their claims and the only way to earn a raise or promotion is through results. In fact talk is now cheaper than ever before. I'm Cat Miller and this has been Dice TV. We now return you to your regular desktop. DiceTV: Actions Speak Louder Than Words