You might have hated it when your mother told you to say thank you. But the truth is it's good advice - even today, and especially during a job search. Not only are thank you notes an essential part of a job search, overlooking them could end up costing you an offer. [youtube] Some hiring managers say candidates who don't send a thank you after an interview are out of the running - period. Why? Because sending one shows they're serious, conscientious, and interested in the position. Though the delivery method is a matter of preference, most hiring managers lean toward e-mail. If that's the way you've been communicating thus far, it only makes sense. Still, bear in mind many hiring managers are old school - meaning, they like handwritten or printed notes. However you send the note, be sure to do it fast - not later than 24 hours after your interview. But don't let speed get the best of you. Chances are the hiring manager is going to take a close look at what you've said. So express your excitement about the company and the position, and - without being too heavy-handed about it - reiterate some point you made in the interview that demonstrates how you're the right person for the job. Not only is this a chance to show off your manners, it's your opportunity to say what you might have left out. If you remember something you wished you'd shared at the interview, the thank-you note is the perfect place to add it.