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The Script

Want to play on a cross-functional team that sprints through the day and executes programming changes on-the-fly? Well then, you'll need to be fast and fearless and you'll need to learn a hot agile development process like Scrum. Scrum players shun hierarchy and protocol and they don't care about tools and technology  - they prioritize business results. So, want to get into the game? I'm Cat Miller and this is DiceTV. This "agile" process relies on controlled, two-week bursts of rapid coding and immediate stakeholder feedback to execute just-in-time software development. Although one in three teams use Scrum methodology, some prefer a blended approach that incorporate best practices from several processes like test-driven development, continuous integration and refactoring. Teams consist of 10 members that include both technical staff and business stakeholders. They are led by a ScrumMaster, who is charged with removing obstacles and guiding the group. Each team establishes its own organizational structure and coding priorities. Members resolve their own differences, which is why they often look a little disheveled after an intense scrum. New teams often enlist the help of an experienced coach to teach them the fundamentals and shepherd them through the process. When other teams and developers see their success, they voluntarily join the league and adopt the Scrum theory. Watch out for these mistakes because they can derail even a highly motivated team. First, don't revert to former project disciplines or thought processes. It takes a concerted effort to break old habits and Scrum is a framework and a mindset that requires complete engagement. Second, don't stop short. Integrate the Scrum methodology and teamwork philosophy into bonus plans, hiring processes and performance goals to optimize its success. To an outsider, Scrum may look chaotic, but its really organized chaos that shortens the development process and lowers costs. I'm Cat Miller and this has been Dice TV. We now return you to your regular desktop.