[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05fBcTbjzfg?rel=0&hd=1&w=560&h=340] This week: Do 40-hour work weeks exist? The malware threat keeps on growing. And why you shouldn't drink if lunch or dinner's part of your interview.

Our Main Points:

IBM users met in Boston to discuss the Mythical 40-Hour Week. They said the new normal is 60-hour weeks and being interrupted - a lot - during time off and vacations. At the same time, the Corporate Executive Board, a research firm, says IT employees are less willing to put in extra time since the recession began. That's interesting when you consider tech professionals are usually more motivated by the technology they're working with than who they're working for. So while all those corporate restructurings may have created new opportunities for workers, companies may not be making that clear. Which is a shame, because it means good employees may leave. McAfee's new threat report shows hackers were really busy during the first half - busier than they've ever been. More than 10 million new pieces of malware were found by security researchers - more than 6 million in the second quarter alone. That spike in the second quarter came largely because attackers latched onto big events - like soccer's World Cup - to push malicious websites and attachments. The most common attacks in the second quarter were on portable storage devices. To combat this, McAfee says security organizations should move from being reactive to predictive. Having an interview over lunch or dinner? No alcohol for you. Reuters says a new study found managers associate alcohol with "cognitive impairment" on the part of candidates they see with a drink. That includes even holding a drink. So that's another reason to keep your keg parties off your Facebook page.If the manager orders a drink, by the way - you still shouldn't order one. And if the manager orders a soft drink herself then you really should stick to soda or whatever. They really don't like it when you miss that cue. -- Mark Feffer