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The Script

Some say the job market's lousy, but some of tech's biggest names say they need skilled talent. Michael Dell, for one, says he can't find enough workers. Simply put, he says, "We need more of these, and more of these people." Another case in point, Siemens, which has 1,600 job openings in the U.S. and is having trouble filling them. That's the here and now, and I can hear some people saying, "yeah, right." Well, here's something else. The research firm Computer Economics says 48 percent of IT managers - at companies with more than 50 million in revenue - plan to add to staff next year. Eleven percent plan to reduce staff. It's still not great, but next year looks like it will be something of an improvement. Apple's adding staff so quickly, it's outgrown its space in the 57 buildings it occupied in Cupertino. So: It's acquired a 98-acre campus being vacated by Hewlett-Packard, effectively doubling its presence there. Why? The company needs more people to design its next wave of products, and to enhance the existing ones. In the past year, Apple's  performed major upgrades to nearly everything it makes, and launched the iPad. Apple added more than 12,000 employees over the fiscal year ended in September. That's a jump of 36 percent. DiceTV Update: Help Wanted, a Better 2011, and Apple's Outgrowing Its Space