[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Z6Ai6OsQ8&w=560&h=340] There's heavy demand for software quality engineers in Silicon Valley. On Dice, a search I did turned up more than 800 positions. In San Francisco there were more than 600. SQA is part of the entire development process, from requirements definition through testing and release management. Some typical jobs: a senior software engineer at DemandTec in San Mateo, a systems performance engineer at Talogix in Sunnyvale, and a an IT SAP business analyst quality at IMPAX Labs in Hayward. Semiconductor maker AMD is moving forward with plans to move into cloud computing and roll out new hardware and software products. So the company wants to hire more than 1,000 tech professionals worldwide. They'll primarily be design engineers, software professionals and IT specialists. The highest number of technical positions are for design and verification engineers. They're needed at every AMD location including facilities in California, Texas, Orlando, Boston and Canada. AMD likes software engineers skilled in Linux development, C/C++, Ruby and Java, primarily in Sunnyvale and Toronto. Also, the company seeks OpenGL and OpenCL software developers who know C/C++ and graphics. Wyoming. Where men are men and data centers are growing. At least that's what the state wants to see. Gov. Matt Mead points out that Wyoming's cold climate makes cooling data centers easier and cheaper. In case that's not enough, the state offers relatively low energy costs, tax breaks and other incentives to companies who want to build there. One of those is EchoStar Broadcasting, which is building a 77,000 square-foot facility in Cheyenne. Meanwhile, the National Center for Atmospheric Research is building of a $70 million facility to house a supercomputer. Now the state is trying lure Verizon.