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CIOs are responsible for anticipating the future and hiring the right staff to help their company succeed. Here’s a look at their current hiring priorities and the specific skill sets they're looking for. I’m Cat Miller and this is DiceTV. CIOs are looking for innovative developers who can weave social, mobile and collaborative technology features into their designs. Some developers will be responsible for attracting new customers and generating revenue with sexy mobile apps and Web sites. Others will be hired to improve operating efficiencies by integrating content management and collaboration tools into existing technology or building mobile business applications that allow employees to share information and access data anywhere in the world. The marriage between IT and business is opening up opportunities for hybrid technology professionals who understand both operations and technology. To score one of these jobs you've got to be able to see the big picture, break down business problems into manageable components, analyze data and then respond with innovative technical solutions. CIOs are also looking for Web marketing and e-commerce pros to increase revenue within specific market segments by offering customers the relevant data and services they demand. Thanks to the cloud, CIOs need professionals with the know-how to select and manage outside vendors, engage in collaborative problem solving, secure the company’s data and assure operational continuity under all conditions. The know-how you need: analytical skills, security expertise and diligent follow through. Data experts are responsible for taming millions of terabytes of information: exabytes, AKA Big Data! The job involves organizing and retrieving unstructured data from emails, videos, photos, PowerPoints, text messages and engineering diagrams that are stored in on-site or off-site locations. But most importantly, data experts must be able to integrate and interpret Big Data and use the information to solve business problems or create operational efficiencies. Many of these rising stars are making six figures, because they’re helping their CIO achieve tomorrow’s goals today. I’m Cat Miller and this has been DiceTV. We now return you to your regular desktop.