Main image of article E3: Star Trek's Gameplay Trailer Speaks for Itself. Watch It to See.

Star Trek Trailer

I loved J.J. Abrams's Star Trek. I loved the way Chris Pine channeled William Shatner. I loved the way Spock interacted with Spock. (Or was it the way Spock interacted with Spock?) I love the vision of it, the pace, the effects, the goth-like evil of the Romulan renegades. So, I'm going to love the game Star Trek. I can say that because from the trailer you can see it encompasses the Kirk and Spock of the movie, and that it stays true to the movie's look, atmosphere and pace. The trailer's made up completely of pre-Alpha gameplay, and the game's not coming soon enough. Release is more than a year off, says Paramount Digital Entertainment. But still, there's the trailer.


Trailer via IGN.