Main image of article Facebook Releases Open Graph Update
Facebook will start rolling out an update today that will give users more open graph options, AllThingsD reports. Facebook first introduced the update during the f8 conference last September. While some changes will raise privacy concerns, you still have the option to choose who sees each item that you share on your Wall. Some might want to share activities like reading a book, listening to a song, watching a movie, or playing a game with all their friends; others might not want to share anything. There is talk that the Like button could disappear and be replaced by verbs such as: read, listen, watch, cook, play, run and so on. And if you are doing something that Facebook thinks is unusual for you — such as robbing people on the street or winning an Oscar — it will display this on your Wall/Timeline. By the way, in the future, everyone will use Timeline because Facebook believes that this goes hand in hand with Open Graph. You won't be able to use one without the other. Facebook is holding a press event in San Francisco on Wednesday evening, at which they will announce the first round of apps that will be available with this release (see photo above). For developers, Open Graph offers the opportunity to use your skills to create interesting apps. For example, let's assume that you bought a ticket to a concert where Jay-Z is going to perform. If you tell Facebook about your purchase, when the concert begins, your Wall/Timeline could be updated automatically with a status like "Andrei is now at the Jay-Z concert at Royal Albert Hall." If you plan to use Open Graph apps, don't forget that some things should stay private: don't let Facebook know when you are leaving your home or that you won $1 million, because you might risk getting robbed.