Main image of article Facebook's Everywhere. Even in Baby Names.
Facebook has undoubtedly inspired friendships, love affairs and even marriages. But a child's name? Apparently. Inspired Israeli couple Lior and Vardit Adler have named their third daughter "Like," after the ubiquitous site's approval-expressing function.
The joyful arrival of Like Adler was, inevitably, announced on Facebook, where her picture and name immediately received 40 approvals – or "likes" – and when the BBC picked up the story, scores more. Martin Bolanos posted: "Heey Like! what a cute name you have! greetz from Denmark :) I just found an article from a Danish internet newspaper :-) You have made into a Danish newspaper! You are so famous! Wish you a perfect future!"
Though there's no official word, I assume Like's older siblings - Dvash ("honey" in Hebrew) and Pie (after, well, pie) - um, like her. And, she's lucky. If she'd been born seven or eight years ago she might have been named "MySpace." That would just suck. Source: The Guardian