Main image of article Facebook Likes Turn Into Fashion Alert
Beige khakis and the blue work shirt is soooo passe. Even the blue jeans-black turtleneck combo favored by the late Steve Jobs doesn't hold its riveting appeal now that he's gone. What's a fashionista to do? Simple, take a look at what others are glomming onto and social media is making that incredibly easy. Fashion retailer C&A has rolled out technology in its Brazilian stores that displays the amount of times that a particular product has been “liked” on the company's Facebook page. “Fashion Like” displays these likes on C&A's clothes rack in real-time. This could be a useful tool to shoppers who are facing analysis paralysis when eyeing their next pair of duds, providing no one is gaming the system. Should that happen, you fashionistas  could find yourselves wearing poka-dot and plaid, simultaneously...OMG.

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