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Resume Close UpResumes have one purpose, and one purpose only: To get you an interview. No one's going to take one look at it and hire you. In fact, it's challenging enough to get that one look, and even if you do chances are you're going to get about 10 seconds of attention before a manager decides whether she wants to learn more about you -- or not. Writing effective resumes can be a grueling process. Note I said "effective." Anyone can pull together something in an hour, then send it out to 100 employers. But, chances are they're not going to get many bites. (Yes, there are exceptions.) To get someone's attention, you have to create an approach that's specific to their needs and their business. That takes some time and thought. To help you, we've compiled 10 articles that can give you a good start. If you want to see more, just click here. Help a colleague out: Post your own resume tips below.