What does your company need, and how can you help provide it? For obvious reasons, taking on the right projects and doing them well can raise your profile, InfoWorld has some suggestions:
  1. Streamline Company Data: Most organizations have more data than they can handle, much of it inconsistently defined and captured. Your task should be to simplify that data, make sense of it, and use it to move the company forward. Take the conflicting streams collected by different systems in your organization and consolidate them into a single database before business users ever see it.
  2. Master Mobile Devices: Learn how to manage the mobile device dilemma. How can you manage devices securely, provision them efficiently, and make your boss happy without compromising the integrity of your network? Are you going through the consumerization of IT? If so, learn the authentication techniques you need to keep everyone secure.
  3. Become a DevOps Shop: Developers are adopting agile methodologies, a highly iterative approach that keeps coding projects from going off the rails or over budget. Build a cross-functional DevOps team that blends programming chops with sys-admin skills to keep projects flowing.
  4. Create a Crisis Response Team: Building an emergency response team means organizing resources across the organization: legal, communications, and technical. It also requires a mandate from top management that empowers the team to do what needs to be done, swiftly and without interference.
  5. Gain Control over Social Media: Bring social media into your organization in a way that offers benefits without leaving the company exposed to internal leaks, external threats or embarrassment. That means helping to create social media policies that define acceptable and unacceptable behavior on social networks, as well as the kinds of information that should never be shared.