In today's world of financial shenanigans, homeland security threats, and hacker activity, no specialty is hotter than security.  It's clear that certifications in the area are paying off, that everyone in IT has to be at least somewhat conversant with its latest trends.

So how to get that knowledge? How about a free 20-day, practice-based e-mail course that provides lessons and homework to teach you how to address potential threats, improve your defenses, approach IT security strategically, and reduce the security threats from your own users?

That's what InfoWorld is offering in its upcoming Security Boot Camp. It's the right course for you "if your network defenses are feeling a little flabby." The steps:

  • Sign up by midnight, September 20, 2009.
  • Starting on Monday, September 21, you'll get one e-mail per day with a security must-do. These e-mails will be short and to-the-point, and they'll include the instructions you need to complete each task.
  • Boot camp lasts Monday through Friday for four weeks. The last day will be Friday, October 16.

Now there's no excuse not to be up to speed on the latest security trends.

-- Don Willmott