Jobs Created and Displaced [NYT]
The impact of innovation, by its nature, is unpredictable. But the pattern by which new technologies and high-tech businesses create jobs across the economy is well established.

IT Jobs Offer Growth, But Women Are Bailing Out [Women's Radio]
In 2008, women in tech made an average of $70,370. But women's stake in that rosy outlook is questionable since, by comparison, men make about 80,000 annually.

How to Tell if You Have a Good Project Manager [CIO]
Do you have a good project manager on a bad project, or a bad project manager on a good project? How can you tell if the project manager is the problem or if the project is the problem if you have no historical basis for either of these scenarios?

Six Tips to Improve Collaboration [ITBE]
Technology can be a great tool for facilitating collaboration, but company culture and management initiative are still the engines that drives it, especially at the beginning.

Q&A: Dr. Steven Waldren On What's At Risk With E-Health Records [InformationWeek]
It's time for doctors to move on EHRs or get left behind, says the head of American Academy of Family Physicians health information group.

Hardware Expert Explains IPhone 4 Antenna Problem [CIO]
Reports of call and data signal strength problems in the new iPhone 4 have a basis in fact, a hardware expert said Thursday. Apple later acknowledged the issue.