Hiring Expected to be Robust in Second Half of 2010 [eWeek] More good trend news: The non-profit Conference Board says technology job postings continue to lead in vacancies. Demand's notably heavy for systems analysts and software engineers. Boyden Executive Outlook Finds Hiring Up in Most Global Markets [Boyden via BW] The executive search firm sees "a real boom in the social networking market," pushing companies to find senior managers for search-engine related strategies, especially those involving analytics, Web presence, and internal procedures. AdMob cuts about a tenth of its employees as it integrates into Google [MobileBeat] The search giant is re-screening AdMob staffers to fit them into its own job specs. Despite Concerns, Execs Ready for More Collaboration Tech [ITBE] One in four C-level executives "dread" the idea of collaboration because of the amount of time and energy it wastes. But it's coming anyway. Why social media is really business networking [Cube Rules] It's not just a fad, writes Scot Herrick. It helps you develop and maintain your professional network in the real, offline world. -- Mark Feffer