For its creative challenge, variety of tasks, and significantly higher pay, a CNN survey ranks Software Architect as the absolute best job in America. The job is likely to stay American because of the need for the day-to-day face-time with the client. [CNN]

While much of the country lingers in a stagnant IT jobs market, New York City continues to see robust growth since the third quarter 2009. [Media Newswire]

Environmental Systems Corp. will create as many as 150 positions when it opens its new facility in Austin, Tenn. Initial hirings will go to software programmers and developers. [Statesman]

Though it's far from a done deal, western New York is 30 days away from snagging its biggest project to for the region as Verizon submitted plans for a data center that when finished will employ 200 technologists. [WEBV]

Clocking in at the lowest rate since 2008, actual wages dropped 7.8 percent in 2010, forcing skilled working to lower their wage expectations.  The uptick in IT Health has not yet manifested because organizations are playing wait and see with the new reforms. [Bradenton]

-- Dino Londis